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Thank you so much for considering hosting a Freedom Movement event at your church! We are honored by the possibility of bringing Something New to you, your church and your community.

We're all searching for something new. Maybe you're looking for something new in your relationships, your perspectives, your marriage, your group of friends, your budget — or maybe you're looking for something new in your outlook on life or how you see yourself.

During this one-night event hosted by Karrie Garcia and Hosanna Poetry, you'll hear real stories from real women like you who are seeking more freedom and something new.

To all women, regardless of your church involvement or where you're at with God, whether you're 13 or 93, you're not just safe here, you're welcome here. Together, we'll seek the freedom, joy, purpose, and growth God has for us. Together, we'll find something new.





At Freedom Movement, our message is simple: we exist to liberate women to walk into a life of victory. We want every woman to know she is not alone in what she struggles with, that God sees it all and loves her, and that His desire is to heal and give her hope.

We desire to create spaces where all women, believer or not, feel welcome and that they belong. We seek to make Jesus accessible to them through real stories shared by real women and through the truth of God’s word. We believe God has called us to create a place where every woman, no matter what she’s done or what has been done to her, can let her walls down, feel loved and see that God wants to redeem what has been broken.

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Working with local churches is foundational to our movement. As lovers and supporters of the church, we want to work with your church to make reaching women easy and effective. It’s our desire to be a bridge between your community and women who are hurting, on the fence about church, or who don’t have a relationship with God. We want these ladies to feel comfortable to come to our events and help them see that Jesus and the local church love and care for them.

We have found that after an event many women are ready to try church for the first time or give church another chance. We view Freedom Movement events as triage centers and churches as hospitals where long-term healing, growth and care happen.



You’ve likely noticed that our marketing isn’t overtly Jesus-y. This is intentional. We truly want to reach women who normally wouldn’t choose to spend a Friday night at a church event, but are willing to go out with a friend for an evening of laughter and encouragement. At the end of the event, though, we’ve seen many of these women be the first to stand up to start a relationship with Jesus or check a box to get plugged into our host church by joining a small group.  

Because we encourage all attendees to fill out a connect card at the close of the night, you’ll receive a list of names and emails of women who would like to join your church. At this point, we entrust them to you and you’re welcome to reach out to them when and how you’d like.


We know that running a ministry requires a lot of juggling and we want to ease some of that by coming alongside and doing all the detail work for you. We never want to drain the church of funds, so we provide a complete event for only a few hundred dollars. We truly want to bless your ministry and refresh your people.


In short, we help hurting women experience the freedom that comes from a life in community with others and with God. We connect women in your area who need a loving, caring and Spirit-filled community with your church, broadening your church’s impact. Over the course of the past three years we have seen hundreds get plugged into churches, community, therapy and, most importantly, many women have been saved!


Thank you for taking the time to read about, pray and consider Freedom Movement. We are so blessed to be doing what we are passionate about, and we pray we can bring this passion to your area. We would love to discuss working together and bringing hope and freedom to women, and are available for phone conversations, Skype calls, or whichever form of communication works best for you.

Interested in hosting an event? Let us know by clicking below and one of our team members will contact you shortly.